Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat

Wow what a weekend, lots of tricks and lots of treats (or naughtiness). Stay tuned for a in depth review of The Politics in the next couple days. I just got my hands on some new MP3 tracks and I'm pretty impressed. By the way my El Paso peeps, make sure you catch them at The Shine Gallery tomorrow. What can I say life is good right now, i finally have seemed to turn my attention to more important things (dj'ing, music, movies, "new" friends, school, health, family, the NBA season, etc...). It also turns out I have been getting mixed reviews on the length of my hair, it seems like I have been getting more positive reviews, so i'm growing it out for now. Sometimes you wake and realize that things you dwell on and hold out hope for are not worth it and that life is too short for you not to enjoy what has been given to you. Ok now that we got that off my shoulders, lets move on to the next subject, my damn dental work i have been getting, it's now over had my crown installed today and after a hit of $800 in the wallet (that's not including what my work benefits payed), i will never take my teeth for granted. It's time to pop in some MI3 and enjoy a good action flick. G'night FoCo.


By the way I thought the Buddy The Elf was the best costume, not the case last night i saw a pretty original one, some dude at the bars dressed up as Snakes on a Plane, it's hard to describe but it was damn funny. It was cool hanging with you again Kim, you seem to be the female version of me, which can only mean interesting things.