Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Weekend 06'

Rob, Kristin, and Me
Me and Kim
Sarah "Red Riding Hood", Rob, and Nacho
Me and Kim
DJ Nacho Libre

Me and Buddy the Elf

Well what can I say it was pretty good weekend, considering the hectic schedule I had this past weekend I have managed to survive. We had a chance to go to the CSU-New Mexico Football Game, attended my good buddy Brent's party where I got to spin. By the way a big thanks to Brent and Lindsey for letting me play your party, it seemed everybody enjoyed the music and I received many compliments, not bad for my "first" DJ gig. Also big shout out to my Denver peeps for coming down. Shout out to Kim, it was cool hanging with you at the football game. Also to Lara Croft, for coming to see me at Brent's party, your costume was HOTT! And of course Buddy the Elf, best costume I have seen all weekend. We still plan on hitting the bars Halloween night so stay tuned for more pics.

I'm out.



jessie said...

i like the costume papi chango. what was kristin?? rob's was good too! wish i could hav ebeen there!

DJ Castro said...

Kristin was a Stepford Wive...I think.....

Kristin said...

ya ya thats what i was.