Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mirror's Edge Contest

With the holidays approaching, we here at A Walking Disaster are in the giving mood. To celebrate the release of Mirror's Edge, we are holding a contest. The winner will get a copy of the PS3 or XBOX360 game as well as the remix CD featuring the theme from the game featuring Lisa Miskovsky. All you have to do is post your name and email address in the comments section one winner will be chosen randomly. The contest is open to US residents and will be chosen Friday November 21st.

UPDATE: We are giving away the PS3 version...XBOX we ran out.

Track Listing:
1. Still Alive (Mirror's Edge Theme Song) - Lisa Miskovsky
2. Still Alive (Remix) - Benny Benassi
3. Still Alive (Remix) - Junkie XL
4. Still Alive (Remix) - Paul Van Dyk
5. Still Alive (Remix) - Teddybears
6. Still Alive (Remix) - Arman Van Helden

Although she’s only in the beginning of her North American climb, Lisa Miskovsky is already a household name in her homeland of Sweden. Judging by her alluring new single, “Still Alive”--which serves as the provocative theme song to the highly anticipated new DICE/EA video game Mirror’s Edge-–this tremendous talent is positioned for global ascent.

In its various incarnations, Miskovsky’s song defines the Mirror’s Edge remix album. A landmark digital release designed to continue the convergence of music and gaming, the project presented Miskovsky – who has earned international acclaim and a slew of top music honors on the strength of two chart-topping studio albums – an opportunity for her memorable and ethereal pop/rock anthem to be enthusiastically remixed by some of the world’s top electronic performers and producers.

Be it Teddybears’ exuberant, clap-driven rendering, Junkie XL’s lilting dance-pop renovation, Paul Van Dyk’s pulsing ten-minute trance-floor workout, Benny Benassi’s frenzied version or Armand Van Helden’s slice and dice interpretation or the song in its original, beautiful state, “Still Alive” sounds destined to live in the hearts and minds of pop fans, club denizens and consumed gamers alike for years to come.

“I wrote the melody for the vocals and the lyrics, inspired by the story and the characters in the game,” Lisa explains of the uplifting number she co-wrote with Rami Yacoub and Arnthor Birgisson (Pink, Britney Spears, Kelis). “I had never had my music remixed by any of them before and it is always interesting to hear what they will come up with.”

Whether in its gorgeous initial incarnation or in its inventive altered forms, Miskovsky says, “My hope is that it will be a success. It is a great song and I would love to be on tour in the U.S. Many of my friends get to hang out in the U.S. and some of them [like the (International) Noise Conspiracy are touring and recording their albums there with producers like Rick Rubin, which is super cool. I also have dreams I want to achieve. There are so many great producers and musicians that I would like to work with.”

With a mantle full of honors at home for her #1 eponymous debut and its platinum-selling #1 follow-up, Fallwater, Miskovsky--who was the recipient of several Rock Bears (Sweden’s Grammy equivalent) including “Best New Artist”, “Best Female Artist” and “Artist of the Year” and even co-wrote along with Max Martin and Rami Yacoub the Backstreet Boys hit “Shape Of My Heart”--is certainly deserving of the chance.

Since her 2001 debut, Lisa has racked up an impressive string of hits in her homeland, including “Driving One of Your Cars,” “Lady Stardust,” “Sing To Me”, “Mary” (from her 2006 studio disc, Changes) and “Another Shape of My Heart” (from 2008’s Last Years’ Songs: Greatest Hits). She’s also collaborated with Sweden’s alt-country hero Christian Kjellvander and dueted with Dennis Lyxen (frontman for the aforementioned (I)NC) on his Lost Patrol project.

Clearly a multi-instrumentalist, Miskovsky has embraced diversity in her music, even lending her vocals to “Dead End” the 2006 track by Swedish death metal group In Flames. And if that isn’t enough, Lisa is an avid sportswoman, who was once a member of the Swedish National Snowboarding team.

“I still ride but not as much as before,” Miskovsky explains. “I wasn’t into competing. I just wanted to free-ride, so I decided to ride on my free time. Now I play ice hockey and surf too, so I have time to do all the things I love.”

“I feel different from many people here in the music scene in Sweden,” Lisa continues, discussing her unique outlook. “They tend to forget that I also have this other side of me that loves sports, games and other things. It is my passion just as much as music. I need to get away from the music scene to be inspired by other things and the other way around.”

It’s perhaps the very reason that Lisa is an ideal fit for the highly anticipated Mirror’s Edge, successfully delivering a song that is as able to stand on its own two feet as it is able capable of representing the emotional experience brought forth by the new game.

It’s a feat that parallels with Lisa’s desire to thrive and evolve in her many pursuits. Or as Miskovsky says humbly, “I have managed to combine everything so far, so hopefully it will stay this way.”

With “Still Alive” as her introduction to North American audiences, Lisa Miskovsky has put a vital, memorable stamp on the music and gaming worlds.

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Still Alive (Mirror's Edge Theme Song) - Lisa Miskovsky


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