Monday, November 10, 2008

The Lowdown

Approaching the end of 2008 at supersonic speeds, let's look at what the heck is going on for the next few days.

Its a sleepy Monday in Dentown with a hint comical flare. Mickey Avalon will be wasting electricity and oxygen at The Ogden with Dirt Nasty. And if that's not silly enough for you, Kottonmouth Kings will be up at The Fox headlining a bill six names deep. If you're looking to see a band actually worth money, SoCal rooted The Shys will be at The Soiled Dove. This classic sounding rock band has been touring for about three years now spitting vocals that sound a bit like Jack White with a dash of Steve Bays (of Hot Hot Heat). Not a bad early week idea for eight bucks (twelve for reserved seating).

Tuesday, The Misfits will be parked at Cervantes; doors at 8. The Hi-Dive will host a three band wide set featuring Jaguar Love, Black Gold, and the ever kick-ass Tokyo band, Polysics. Black Gold as a band are new to the scene but not as individuals. This compilation band is comprised of Than Luu (a.k.a. M. Ward) and Panic at the Disco associated Eric Ronnick. Now normally I wouldn't endorse anything even remotely associated with Panic at the Disco (with, or without the exclamation point). But Black Gold is not only decent but pretty good. The four track EP, Tragedy and Legacy has been floating around the airwaves for a while. If you decide to hit their Myspace page, make sure you listen to the Detroit Shark Attack track last. It's a remix that puts all of the original tracks to shame.

The 11th also brings a small solo act to town. She's still pretty underground and she goes by the name Madonna. I heard that the show is pretty interesting. She'll be going on at the Pepsi Center (good luck filling that place, girl) and tickets are going for $55 to 350.

Wednesday, Citizen Cope spins through the Front Range and lands at The Fox in Boulder. "Mr. Cope's" music is easily consumable with a diet of Easy Mac and Natty Ice....sorry that wasn't that clear. Let me be more direct. Citizen Cope is perfect for college kids with not that great of standards. His stuff is catchy and fun but don't expect anything more. MC Lars steps into the classy Soiled Dove crackin' wise with YTCracker and MC Frontlaot. If you miss them Wednesday, they will be at The Black Sheep on Thursday. The Crystal Method will be at Beta for a set running only ten clams.

Hangin' Tough... If last week's appearance of Hanson didn't evoke enough girly boy nostalgia, New Kids on the Block will be at the Broomfield Events Center on Friday. If anyone scores any free tickets, let us know. I really like Jordan. Denver based US Pipe will be down at Moe's with that funk fusion sound. You may find your self torn on Friday night. Portugal the Man will be headlining the Marquis. A show that is guaranteed to be amazing. On the other hand, video game metal band Powerglove will be at the Ogden. This could be one of the best live shows to come through here in a while. A metal band that plays video themes has to be promising.

That should tide everyone over until Saturday. Until then, be safe and enjoy what you hear!