Monday, July 21, 2008

Dave Matthews Band @ Mile High Music Fest

Sorry for the late post, I got home late last night from the show and had to sort through a zillion photos. I had the opportunity to see Dave Matthews Band headline day 2 of the Mile High Music Festival. I had never seen DMB, but was made pretty aware that he throws it down live every single time. DMB usually stops in the Mile High t least once a year, yet I had never had a chance to see him. Aside from the talent he exuberates himself it is stellar cast of musicians that make this band what it is. With Boyd Tinsley making sweet love on the violin to Steffan Lessard giving us his signature bass lines add in Carter Beauford on the drums and you have musical harmony at it's best. With a large catalog to keep the crowd entertained DMB can keep the party going for hours. Throw in a few obscure covers such as DMB's take on Peter Gabriels "Sledgehammer" and you get an all out experience. It was a perfect headliner for the inaugural Mile High Music Festival. After all was said and done it will be interesting how this festival will evolve in the future and what other noteworthy headliners will grace the stage. My guess for next year.........Coldplay.

Mile High Music Festival Pics


E-Money said...

yeah my sister said Day 2 was also amazing. I have seen DMB a couple times and they definitely are an experience live. I hope your CP prediction is on target for next year.

BTW - what lenses do you use most of the time for these shows? I guess it depends on outside vs inside shows and lighting. Let me know as I'd like to check out some more lenses for the Canon

A Walking Disaster said...

For this festival i used a cheapy Quntaray lens I found at Wolf's for like 99.99.

It's a 55-200mm lens. I want to get the 300mm from Canon that is IS (image stabilazation) and USM (ultrasonic motor). Luckily the main stage provided enough lighting that I was able to pull off using this particular lens.