Monday, November 06, 2006

Old Habits Are Hard To Break

So I managed to get myself into trouble last week, I wont go into details but it involves me, a girl (i really need to stop hooking up with girls from work), and well let's just leave it at that. Anywho! We went out Saturday night to celebrate our final goodbye for Darcy, who is moving to Washington here in a couple days, best of luck to you sweetheart. We also met some random girls (Lauren and Kelly, fitting huh?), and had some "fun" at Lucky Joe's. School is going good, looks like we are heading down the homestretch, This has to be one of the easiest semesters I have ever had. DJ'ing is going good, just trying to manage to sneek in a few hours everyday to practice, I need to get my hands on this, it's only like $599. But with Final Scratch you no longer need vinyl it's interesting how this program works, check out the video. Not much of an update, but i gotta get some studying done...catch ya on the flipside. By the way I have joined Facebook, I can now waste my time on other things rather than MySpace.