Saturday, July 01, 2006

Get Yo Shyne On.

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, it's been kinda hectic lately, with moving into my new place, my b-day, Brewfest and work i have not had much time for anything. Now that i have your undivided attention lets get this party started. As I mentioned above i now have a new place, although my room is not quite finished i will be taking up residence with my fellow co-worker Mr. Robert Lanning...should be fun. Work has been really hectic lately with back to school just around the corner, this is our busiest time of the year. I want to thank Kristin and Eric for coming down to Brewfest last weekend it was good times, i have pics but have yet to upload them to my comp due to the fact that all my camera cables are in some box somewhere in the garage. Oh yeah we took in another Girls Gone Wild event last night at The Drunken Monkey.....gotta say their was a lot of eye candy everywhere.

World Cup's down to the Final Four, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal are left. I going to predict a Portugal-Germany final. I gotta say Cristiano Ronaldo (pictured above) came through with a great game against Mr. Posh Spice and England. I would consider Ronaldo one of three favorite players right now, this guy has the potential to be great, and he is only 21. France pulled off a mild upset by knocking off the defending champion Brazillians. Ronaldhinio where were you this Cup.

Also looks like Carmelo Anthony(as well as the whole Class of 2003...Lebron, Dwyane Wade) is about to make some serious cheddar as he extended his contract with the Nuggets....get this 5 years 80 million dollars. I'm in the wrong business.

And finally it looks like Mr. Brandon Flowers of The Killers is going for a new look (nice moustache). I can't wait for the new album...Flowers predicted it be one of the greatest albums "ever".

I'm out like Brazil................
Robert Castro

One more thing before i forget...I want to say something hopefully you are reading this....I'm really going to miss you and things will not be the same without yo(especially the naughty times). You know where to find me if you ever need anything. You will always have a place in my heart. See you "soon". I dedicate a song to you.

Promiscuous-Nelly Furtado

Special shout out goes out to rock my world. I'm glad we met.


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