Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Japanther brings down the house (literally)

Every now and then we make it out to some pretty obscure shows that literally blow us away, such was the case when A Walking Disaster correspondent Randy "One Angry Dude" Washington made it out to watch Japanther last week he chimes in with this awesome review:

A few nights ago, a few buddies and I traveled to the part of Denver where law dies and drinks are surprisingly strong. The amazing venue Rhinoceropolis is out there where Broadway turns into Brighton and the sidewalks vanish. Between sets we headed to a little watering hole on the end of the block called The Filling Station. Just to paint the picture of the area we were in, this speakeasy has two beers on tap and neither have ever won a Blue Ribbon for shit. The jukebox was 90% hand labeled mix CDs (the other 10% were norteƱo CDs). And there is a poster hanging near the very legit looking liquor license with the stoic images of Mr. Terrell Davis and Mr. John Elway. It hung there with such glory as if the owner of this establishment had not been informed of the fact that neither of these men have played for the Broncos for years.
Three bands played that night. The opener was Crack Magic and Brooklyn's Japanther was the mainliner. In the crowded living room, The boys played an unstoppable set. Japanther's hyper lo-fi sound lends its self to exclusive smaller crowds so its easy to see why the band has an affinity to playing house shows. Using their signature handset phone subbing as microphone, the set went on into the wee hours. Bodies moved around the room as they went from song to song. They threw down a set pulling from albums stretching back to 2001. Um Like Yer Smile Is Totally Ruling Me Right Now. Bumpin' Rap Tapes. Dump the Body In Rikki Lake...It was perfect! See this band!
They will be coming back through Denver to destroy the Marquis on June 11. It may not have the same powderkeg tension that Rinoceropolis has floating in the air but it will still thrash. Don't wear shoes that you like or clothes that you don't want to get sweaty and pulled on. Don't bring any minds that don't want to be blown.