Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starfucker at The High Dive

A Walking Disaster contributor Randy washington chimes in with his review of Starfucker at The High Dive the other night, With nearly thousands of bands converging in the ATX this week I am going to try and find time to check these guys out.

Broadway and First was crowded with fixed gears and tight Levi’s las night. Four slamming acts crammed into the shoebox of the venue that is the Hi-Dive. Having only recently heard of the headliner The Parenthtical Girls, I was there to see a band that has been floating on my iPod for a while; Starfucker. This four man rig based out of Portland brings an array of instruments on stage with them as they bump out synthy dance music laced with caramel sweet vocals.

Their self titled album was released in mid 2008 and they have been on tour since. Already being booked all the way through May, Starfucker’s show holds surprisingly close to the structure of the album. Any of the scratching heard on the recorded tracks is done on stage with a turntable (while playing guitar). Also, the ever-present recordings of philosopher Alan Watts transfer over to the live show offering killer segues into and out of each song. Starting slightly late, Starfucker’s set was short but dense. The fellas were able to hit favorite tracks like “Pop Song” and “Medicine” but inevitably (four bands, one ticket) were forced to skip a few songs.

Starfucker travels on along with a majority of the music world to Austin for South By where they are slated for a handful of gigs.