Monday, October 06, 2008

A Case Of The Monday's

Happy October! This upcoming seven days is stacked to the rafters with live shows all over is fine city and beyond. Put your hoodies on and lets go out!

Tuesday night, 3 Kings Tavern hosts Mustangs and Madras, Form of Rocket, and Stungg. The Bluebird brings in LA based, long established, Nikka Costa. Three Man, 16 Instrument, Pictures and Sound will be opening up this 16+, 25 clams at the door show. Larimer Lounge will be triple stacked with Boyhollow, Astra Moveo, and We Are Wolves.
Wednesday the 8th, Boulder will be one of the luckiest cities for miles because the Fox will be the venue hosting Talib Kweli. But Thursday night, the hotness comes back to the plains. Recently named best new band in Denver, FOMA* headlines Herman’s Hideaway.
Friday night in Dentopia will be on fire. The Lion’s Lair will house FIVE live acts; one of which will be the now sixteen year going Body Count. Led by SVU star and long time established Ice-T, this show will be worth the ticket just to see metal and rap blended so well. Straight-up early nineties style! Ben Kweller headlines at the Bluebird with Whitley.
It feels like once a week someone from the Wu Tang Clan rolls through Metro Area. This week its Cappadonna’s turn and his spot will be at Quixote’s. Deerhoof will be bringing their Bay Area/Tokyo influenced sounds to the Bluebird. Seattle raised Minus the Bear are slated at the Gothic with Annuals and Themes. Monday, Tegan and Sara and Girl in a Coma will be at the Paramount.

If after the show you are still looking to get a drink, this week I am going to suggest heading down to Double Daughter’s. This diamond among carbon copy pubs is a reminder that not every bar in LoDo is a meathead breeding ground to pull girls. Double Daughter’s Salotto is a dark joint with a bar that reaches far away from Market street. The crowd at this place is not standard popped collar Downtown faire. The atmosphere is really laid back with a steady supply of live spun music all night. Known for the Succo Vaffanculo di Mario (which comes out of a robot tree behind the bar and they will only serve you two of), a very strong libation is not hard to come by. Bar goers would be hard pressed to find an MGD in this red pleather establishment. But because, like all bars in this city, they do last call at 1:30, making the move through the black curtain to neighboring owners Two Fisted Mario’s is easy to do but could be a culture shock. On the DD side, relaxing downtempo fills your inebriated ears and the blacklit doves hanging from the trees make you feel like you are in a Tim Burton whiskey dream. On the Mario’s side, a queue normally reaches about a dozen deep for a cheap beer and one of the best slices of pizza in town. Loud music (usually some punk band you’ve probably never heard of) blasts from the speakers and Cartoon Network glows from the chained up televisions. These two offer the perfect after hours combo. Plus Double Daughter’s is the first place I have been in Denver that serves Sailor Jerry’s Navy Rum. That is enough to make me fall in love with any bar.

Enjoy the week in music and stay warm!