Thursday, September 11, 2008

Foo Fighters @ Red Rocks

A Walking Disaster contributor Randy Washington had a chance to witness Monday's show at Red Rocks and comes at us with his great review.

The first Monday and Tuesday of September, Red Rocks played host to the long time established Foo Fighters. The early autumn chill deterred no fan as thousands packed in to see the Dave Grohl led band play hit after hit for close to two hours.
“Sorry we’re late!”, Dave Grohl joked about five songs into the set Monday night. The Foo Fighters were slated to play in July at Red Rocks but had to postpone due to illness.
“My voice was fucked. ‘Cause if you didn’t notice, I do this for a living,” Grohl then screamed into the mic with the pure fury of Rock. “Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn’t.” He went on to say that he felt bad that they couldn’t make it but they were gonna make it up to the fans.
“We have a lot of ground to cover. We’re gonna play some old shit, some new shit, some acoustic shit, and this shit. It’s called Long Road to Ruin.”

And that they did.

This being the first time in the band’s 14 year history that they have ever played the historic amphitheater, they made it happen. Starting off with Let it Die and moving with no pause into The Pretender (the first two tracks off the band’s latest release Echos, Silence, Patience and Grace) they played in classic live Foo style. Song after song with little to no space between them.
Peppered in the mix of radio hits and fan favorites were jam sessions that surpass the likes of any pachouli stank Boulder band. In fact a lot of the songs that were played had extended bridges worked into them. As promised, My Hero was acoustic and started out with the rest of the band hidden behind the red lights and fog only to join Dave during the last chorus. Big Me was done with nothing but a guitar and vocal assistance from tour band member, violinist Jessy Greene. Greene was one of a few additional tour players on the stage with the standard band. Grohl commented on the additional band members on the stage partway through the show.
“You may notice that there are about twice as many Foo Fighters on stage than usual. But if you think about it more is better! More soft tacos, more shrooms, more Coors Light. More is better!”
In my opinion, there are two very important layers to being a successful mainstream rock band. One is to create albums that keep getting better with each one that comes out. Which they do. The other is to kill it live. Without really good albums your live shows will suck. The Foo Fighters are in a fast moving upward spiral.
Ending Monday night with Best of You, The Foo crammed a full set list and a three song encore into the parks strict time constraints. The two shows played there would be the last of the band’s standard tour. They will go on to play a couple of promotional gigs in Las Vegas and then head out to Texas to play the rad Austin City Limits on September 28th.
Red Rocks, however, will not be going anywhere and will be hosting the Monolith Festival on September 13th and 14th.


E-Money said...

I posted some pics and video from the show, check it!

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