Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sam Sparro

If I were to describe current U.K. sensation Sam Sparro's sound I would say it would be a funky electro-soul of goodness. Upon first listen the opening track S.A.M.S.P.A.R.R.O sounds reminiscent of "Computer Love" from Zapp and Roger  a jam that I used frequently blast out of my dropped Nissan Sentra back in the day. It only gets better as the albums solid single Black and Gold hits us with a fresh dose of funky synth-beats and soul induced lyrics. Coming from the Universal Motown label it's only fitting that critics have labeled Sam Sparro as the second coming of Stevie Wonder laced with a lil LCD Soundsystem. At times I felt as i was back in 1984 watching Morris Day & The Time in Purple Rain. With each track bringing something new, fresh and seductive it won't be long before we dump Amy Winehouse(if you haven't already) and pop in Mr. Sam Sparro.

"Black & Gold already sounds like the song of the year" - Mixmag



yousoantiyousoyousoanti said...

check out steve wilson's art (did the cover) its dope

A Waling Disaster said...

digging it nice use of color in all his work, if im not mistaken he recently did the cover for Fader Magazine