Sunday, July 20, 2008

Live Blogging 1:19 (Day 2)

Just arrived at the venue about 10 minutes ago, trying to sort out our schedule for today's performances.  So far it looks like we will be catching:

Rodrigo y Gabriela @ 4:00 (Main Stage)
Flobots @ 5:30 (Lizard Stage)
John Mayer @ 6:00 (Main Stage)
The Roots @ 6:45 (Bison Tent Stage)
The Black Crowes @ 7:00 (Bullsnake Stage) ???
Dave Matthews Band @ 8:45 (Main Stage)

of course this is tentative baring any major setbacks.

Keep checking back for pics and recaps (assuming blogger lets me upload pics today, yesterday it was being cranky)

Stay Cool!