Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girltalk @ The Fox Theater

Sorry I'm late on this one folks, Greg Gillis put on one for the ages last Friday night in Boulder.

The residents of Boulder, Colorado were treated to what can only be described as a sweat induced dance party of epic proportions on Friday night. A sold out crowd at the Fox Theater bared witness to Greg Gillis and his alter ego Girltalk. Although Greg does not consider himself a dj his sets are reminiscent of those elite mix masters we have come to love. Those fortunate enough to get into the venue were treated to energized set of mash-up tracks that have garnered Girltalk it’s cult following across the country. Mixing a variety of genres within his set the sweaty masses ate it up and kept begging for more. At one point he had to stop his set due to the possibility of the Fox Theater stage collapsing. Nonetheless it did not stop the hype Boulder crowd from enjoying his old school to new school, electro to rock blend of insanity. With a full fledged tour on the horizon and the critically acclaimed Feed The Animals pay-what you- want album released a few weeks ago the Girltalk campaign is well on its way to a town near you. If you plan to attend his show be prepared to dance, sweat, bump, grind, and shake the night away. With ear candy blaring out the speakers even the novice dancer will find themselves busting out unorthodox dance moves with no remorse. As the crowds exited the common reaction amongst the sweaty hordes was for certain, Girltalk rocked the house, one young man going as far as saying that this show changed his life. I would agree it changed mine.  Check out the rest of the pics here.


heather said...

yay! castro at girl talk rocks! I love that second picture too, the shading gradations. epic night indeed.

A Walking Disaster said...

good show...I can just imagine what his Halloween show will be like when he returns.