Sunday, March 16, 2008

SXSW 08 Day 3

Kate Nash and Billy Bragg
Kate Nash
Grand Archives
Ra Ra Riot
She & Him
Zooey Deschanel of She & Him
DJ set by The Heavy
Me and Kate

Day 3 of my adventure at SXSW started off with fellow Denver peeps Devotchka at Cedar Street, all I can say is that they put on one of the more memorable sets I caught this week, they truly had the crowd mesmerized including Ultra8201 who witnessed them for the first time. The Filter Party Saturday had a nice lineup so we spent most of the day at Cedar Street. Filter had earlier announced that the surprise guest would be none other than Kate Nash. We then took in Seattle's own Grand Archives who put on a nice set. Sea Wolf then performed in front of a already growing crowd who was anticipating Kate Nash. We managed to take up our spot atop the balcony area for most of the bands. Not only did Kate Nash come out for a few songs but she brought along Mr. Billy Bragg to join in on a few songs. After Filters Party we headed over to the Diesel Party, much to my excitement for this party it turned out to be pretty bland....we did manage to catch a few good bands though. I was pretty psyched to see She & Him, for those of you unfamiliar with them they consist of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. We all know Zooey as an actress (Elf, Almost Famous) and M. Ward from label Merge Records. They put on a nice little set, with Zooey's voice dominating the entire set. We caught Port O'brien before that very energetic set, I think they even had a guy banging kitchen utencils against a cooking pan. Ra Ra Riot put on another one of my favorite performances of this weekend, I had seen them before at The Monolith Festival. At this point we had consumed a vast quantity of cocktails and somehow ended up at some very elaborate Red Bull party at like 3 a.m., didn't stay long and finally headed home to get some well needed rest. I would give props to +1 music for coordinating some awesome events and parties(Playboy Rock the Rabbit, Blender House, Diesel:U: Music) this weekend and hooking us with some VIP type treatment. Out to eat some BBQ and pick up  some Longhorns gear.