Monday, October 01, 2007

Wild Card

163 Games....13 Innings.....The Rockies are in the playoffs.

Wow what a game, hats off to the Rockies. Matt Holliday you are a warrior, sliding in head first on a controversial play at the plate. Congrats to Todd Helton finally making it to the post season. Oh by the way did i mention i scored a pair of tickets for game 4 of the division series. Bring on the Phillies. I'm speechless. What if.....just what if the Yanks and Rockies meet in the World Series....ok, ok i am getting ahead of myself.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, way ahead of yourself....the Yankees don't even have a chance of making it out of the first round. But hey they did win a lot of World Series championships in the 1900's. Then again, the Celtics used to be frequent champions too. Oh how times have change.

Go Rockies!