Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You Gotta Fight For Your Right.....To Party

Howdy, sorry I have been away for awhile, been very busy lately. Looks like Summer is finally winding down and let's just say it has been one of the most fun Summers i have experienced.

I had to take an opportunity to update today, as i stated things have been hectic, Mom trip is winding down, I helped Jenny move to Denver, school is around the corner. Chances are I will be moving to Denver come December if all falls into place.

This semester looks like it's going to be be a challenge, but i should be able to come out on top.

One of the perks for working for a music magazine would be all the free stuff i get my hands on Filter Magazie has ben generous enough to hook me up with cd's. vinyl, posters, stickers, dvd's, but more importantly concert tickets. I along with my better half will be taking in the Beastie Boys at Red Rocks next Thursday. I am one of those Old School Beastie fans, i'm talking Paul's Boutique Old School. It should be fun to finally watch these guys. Did i mention it's at the worlds greatest outdoor live music venue.

I am off to get some things done before going back to Denver for the rest of the weekend, be safe and have a great weekend.