Sunday, August 19, 2007

No Sleep Till' Brooklyn

A quick run down of last weeks Beastie Boys show at Red Rocks, they managed to mix it up a bit with old and new, especially a couple instrumental tracks from "The Mix Up". Played the usual classics: Brass Monkey, Sure Shot, Watcha Want, No Sleep Till' Brooklyn, Intergalactic, Sabotage, Body Movin', Root Down to name a few. I grew up listening to the Beastie Boys and missed a chance to see them last time they were here 2 years ago. The people at Filter hooked it up with tickets and was not going to miss it this time around. It's still hard to imagine that these guys are in their 40's still with so much energy. Before I forget I want to sent out birthday wishes to one Kristin Kinnaird. See you in a few weeks.


Kristin said...

It's late but all take it! Hope you are well.