Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I don't know if many of you have been paying attention, but the NBA playoffs are in full swing. This has to be one of best times of the year for me, as many of you know I am a basketball junkie. My Dallas Mavericks have been causing me all kinds of panic in this first round series against Golden State, last night Mr. MVP himself saved Dallas from quite possibly the biggest upsets is NBA playoff history...He finally stepped up albeit the last two minutes, but he came through with some huge three's and some good defense. Game 5 is tomorrow, I know this game is going 7 and the Mavs will continue to the championship...

In other news finals are next week and I am glad this semester is finally over....and Saturday is Cinco de Mayo....oh oh!


p/s: Kristin the Mavs need our help.......Were is my fellow Mavs fan when i need her?


Anonymous said...

Clutch????? More like Mr. Choke!

If there was a draft of every NBA player what pick would Dirk be?

Not top 10! Not even top 15.