Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Icky Thump

Even more reason to celebrate June 19 (ahem...My B-Day)...looks like this will be the official cover for the White Stripes new album. I personally like it, Meg looks pretty hot, one thing you may notice from the cover is that this is probably the first time they go away from the usual Black, Red and White color combination from all their previous albums (although it still has those colors, just not as vibrant). Still waiting for tour dates to support the album. Also as many of you may have noticed a gradual change to my blog, it seems like I am making it more music friendly than in the past, I was a bit more personal before, but I will continue to make this a "music" blog to say the least, besides who really wants to hear about my crazy shennagans.


p/s: I had slept on the new Shins album "Wincing The Night Away", for awhile (never actually bought it) , but a fellow music-loving co-woker burned me a copy the other day and wow it is pretty good. Sorry Shins...It will never happen again.