Saturday, March 17, 2007

SxSw Day 3 Pics

Day 3 is officialy in the books, all in all a pretty good day. I probably did the most drinking today, as my friend Richard put it "damn open bars", we had our share of cocktails here and there. Started at the Filter Party for some drinks, ran into Perry Farell, back to Filter to see Aqualung, then to Lakeshore Auditoriums to see none other than Public Enemy. Flavor Flav and Chuck D were in full force. We then headed to the Diesel Party and saw Tokyo Police Club, and then back to 6th street to see SOUDteam, and finally eneded up at a rave that got busted. Busy day to say the least, today should be a blast as well, se ya tomorrow. (if i survive) Happy St. Paddy's Day.

SOUNDteam @ Buffalo Billiards
Me and my new friend Emma
Tokyo Police Club @ The Diesel Party
Flavor Flav (crappy pic we were pretty far away)
Public Enemy
Aqualung @ filters High Noon at Cedar Street
Home Sweet Home
The coolest mailbox I have ever seen
Me and Perry Farell of Jane's Addicton