Monday, March 26, 2007


Sorry I have not posted in awhile, been kinda hectic since I returned from Austin. South By Southwest 2007 has come and gone and what can I say but it was worth every penny I spent. Got a chance to see some good friends, listen to good music and eat some good BBQ. I finally had a day off today since my return, I got the short end of working 7 straight 8 hour shifts which sucked but oh well. So what's new you ask, I got a couple assignments from Filter Magazine that i need to take care of this week. Also for those readers out there I will be celebrating my birthday in June down in Denver, looks like my boys The New York Yankees will be playing a three game series against The Rockies and the first game is of course June 19th, so Denver peeps buy your tickets and help celebrate my 25th birthday or something like that. Looks like a couple good shows will be heading this way here is a list of who I want to see:

Bjork @ Red Rocks (May 15)
The Kings Of Leon @ The Ogden (May 5) Sarah you up for this one?
Bloc Party @ The Ogden (June 12)
Morrissey @ The Fillmore (May 9)
Daft Punk @ Red Rocks (July 31)
The Killers @ Red Rocks (May 17)
Air @ The Ogden (April 24)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Gothic Theater (May 17) same day as The Killers
The White Stripes @???????? (rumors were flirting around about a possible Red Rocks show)

Special thanks to Lara @ URB Magazine for the phat orange PUMA's I received in the mail.

DJ Ca$tro
(i have so many damn names)

make sure you go out and buy the new Kaiser Chiefs album tomorrow.


Julio Enriquez said...

is air really playing the ogden in april?

DJ Castro said...

Air is at the Gothic my mistake, i might have an extr a ticket it's yours if you want.

Julio Enriquez said...

what!!! are you serious, when was this announced?!

jessie said...

u forgot Papi Chango! and um your 25th??? i think you forgot how to count senor;)

DJ Castro said...

i got the info from my Filter i said if you want to go let me know i have two tickets.

Julio Enriquez said...

are you kidding me, of course!!!! dude, that would be rad!!!!