Thursday, December 21, 2006

Best of 2006

Here are some of my top albums for 2006 (in no particular order by the way) It was hard to narrow it down to eleven. Narrowly missing the cut was The Mars Volta, Silversun Pickups, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cat Power, Bob Dylan, Snow Patrol.

Justin Timberlake-FutureSex/LoveSounds
JT blew up the spot this year, although i doubt this album would have been the same without Timbaland's involvement. The phrase "Bringin SexxyBack" was one that we all used at some point (in my case many drunken nights at the bars). Timberlake has matured a lot since his last album opting for a more adult album than the pop album he put out before. You guys should attend our New Year's Party for some hot remixes off this album which I will be spinning.
Standout Tracks:
My Love
Summer Love

Cold War Kids-Robbers and Cowards
This is one of the current albums I have in my rotation to end 2006. Many of these songs have a lot of meaning behind, something that has lacked in a lot of today's music.
Standout Tracks:
Hospital Beds
Hang Me Up To Dry

Beck-The Information
Not only was this a good album but the marketing genuises behind the album get an A+. Not only did this album come with a create your own cover with stickers and all, but also came with a DVD with videos for all the songs. Seems like Beck went to his Odelay roots for this one.
Standout Tracks:
The Information
Elevator Music

The Killers-Sam's Town
Many bands tend to put out crappy sophmore albums during their careers. The Killers came at us with a whole new sound that threw many for a loop, while not "one of the best albums of the last 20 years" as Brandon Flowers preached, it was nice to hear alternative rock with an emphasis on American (arena) rock.
Standout Tracks:
When You We're Young
Read My Mind

Muse-Black Holes and Revelations
This would also be in my top three albums of 2006. These guys just seem to rock out with a passion. I have always been a Muse fan and this "American" friendly album did not disappoint one bit many standout tracks on this one. The Knights Of Cydonia has my nod for video of the year.
Standout Tracks:
Knights of Cydonia

Thom Yorke-The Eraser
Being the big Radiohead fan that I am, this was one album I had on the radar all year. I think only true fans of music could appreciate such a great album. I highly recommend this to anybody willing to venture and explore a genre of music never before heard.
Standout Tracks:
The Clock
Harrowdown Hill
Black Swan

TV On The Radio-Return To Cookie Mountain
Already hailed on many's top of 2006 lists. This was by far my favorite album of 2006. It only gets better these guys will be in Denver in March (hopefully it does not conflict with my trip to Austin for SXSW). Very unique sound from these guys, they were hailed amongst all the big music festivals this year for their performances.
Standout Tracks:
Wolf Like Me
Snakes and Martyrs

The Raconteurs-Broken Boy Soldiers
When I first heard rumors about this collaboration with Jack White of The White Stripes, I was pretty skeptical. Not to be dissapointed, I ended up loving this album. Brendan Benson and Jack White come together like peanut butter and jelly.
Standout Tracks:
Steady As She Goes

Gnarls Barkley-St. Elsewhere
Gnarls Barkley was probably one of the biggest bands of 2006, this band was all over the place. One of my personal records to spin by the way.
Standout Tracks:
Gone Daddy Gone
Smiley Faces

Arctic Monkeys-Self Titled LP
I was turned onto to these guys during my visit last year to South By Southwest, I would say I had this album in constant rotation the first part of 2006.
Standout Tracks:
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Fake Tales of San Francisco

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Show Your Bones
I would say this was probably one of my top three albums of 2006. I had a chance to see these guys at the Fillmore and hang out backstage with Karen O, and Nick Zinner. Great album all around.
Standout Tracks:
Gold Lion
Cheated Hearts
Turn Into