Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sippin' On The Henney'

So welcome to another edition of I Am A Walking Disaster, for those of you that don't know the title to my blog comes from a lyric off a Radiohead song, who many of you know is my favorite band. Anyways I guess you want to know about my weekend huh? Nothing too crazy...Had a little get together this past Friday at our house for our good friend Sarah, we drank (actually we wuz sippin on some henessey), I spun some records, we played drinking games, i'm pretty sure i was involved in some drunk dialing, and i woke up with a huge hangover. This week should bring more excitement we are planning on the CSU-New Mexico Football game next Saturday followed by a Haloween Party at our friend Brent's house. Still not sure what i'm going to dress up me it will be good though. Not much of an update, i'm tired, cold, and g'night. By the way i have unveiled my new my space pic above enjoy.


jessie said...

nice, i like it! although a bit scary crazy mexicano;) hehehe keep up the practicing! i expect to hear some when i come home at xmas!