Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Bringing Sexxy Back

So my new hobby has become an addiction, word of advice do not become a DJ if you do not have any money, you will be broke quick. Anyways I have been spinning on the 1's and 2's all weekend try to perfect the art of DJ'ing, lets just say this is a very hard skill to master, don't get me wrong anybody can put a record on and spin, the problem is beat-matching and having a consistent flow to your mixes. I think with enough practice i can hold my own in a few months. In the meantime I will keep buying vinyl and putting in long hours. Here are some pics of my tables and setup. I was supposed to spin last night at my friends Laura's B-Day party but it turned out there was not enough space so my debut will have to wait until this weekend as we celebrate one of my best friends from work last day. We will miss you Sarah. Anyways all you CSU Alumni and current peeps should make reservations for The CSU-BYU Football game at Hughes Field October 28th, followed by an Halloween party that same night at our house. Hit me up for more info. Well tomorrow is a big day, get to go down and watch The Killers at The Fillmore with my friend Kristin, it should be a blast. I will have pics and a review from the show next week sometime. Well it's Saturday night and instead of going out i will stay in and practice. See-Ya.

DJ Castro

By the way I want to thank Matt over at Finest CD and Records for some great advice as well DJ Papa Chango from Club Static as well for your encouragement.