Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vince Who?

College Football is finally here folks, and what a way to start the season, my beloved Longhorns demolished North Texas(56-7) in a tune up for next weeks big game against #1 Ohio State. The Rams of Colorado State were also victorious as they beat up on Weber State setting the stage for next weeks Rocky Mountain Showdown at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver. As many of you know, or maybe don't know but i like collecting concert gig posters and recently came across what has to be one of the coolest posters i have seen, i searched all over ebay and came across it so this is the newest poster to my collection it's from a Killers concert in Philadelphia, it kinda reminds me of some 80's Duran Duran type poster. I guess that's all i have for now, before i forget I will not be making my pilgrimage to Austin, Texas this month for Austin City Limits as originally planned, but hopefully all my peeps back home will enjoy themselves and i will see you guys soon. I also wanted to tell somebody out there that I miss you dearly and hopefully i will see you soon..(you know who you are, in fact i know you read this because i can track everybody that reads this blog). And last but not least i have my end-of-summer mix cd for all to share stay tuned in the next couple days for tracklisting and cover....all my fellow bloggers will enjoy as i have tried to include a song for everybody that follows music as i do. (especially for you Mr. Ultra 8201)

Hook Em' Horns
R. Castro

p/s....a bit of advice..always remember to turn your phone off before class, as it just might go off to your Britney Spears ringtone that your friend changed on your phone while you were drunk and had no idea as to what the hell was going on. (i'm not saying that happened to me, it's just sound advice)


ultra8201 said...

I knew you missed me...

Kristin said...

My victorious moment!

Amanda said...

That is awesome! Britney Spears is your lover!
I am looking forward to the game this Saturday, should be an excellent time!