Thursday, August 24, 2006

Two Dope Boys In A Cadillac

Talk about a crazy week, these last two weeks have been the most grueling two weeks i have experienced in a long time. With back-to-school here, work has been hella busy, in fact i have worked close to 90 some hours the last two weeks with only one day off so far. Lets just say a lot of Rockstar Energy Drinks have been consumed. I also started school, which i decided to take the majority of my classes online this semester, i figured my ass is always online anyway. I will take full advantage of this weekend as i have it off (lots of drinking, schmoozing, cuddling, sleeping, shameless flirting.......). Big party this Saturday at "The House of Rob", my roomie is named Rob, im sure i could have come up with another clever name (The House of Sin, The Love Shack, Club Sharps, The Petting Zoo, RobMax, The Pleasure get the point). It will be a celebration bitches. We will be celebrating numerous events, my old roomie Jessie's goodbye party, Back to School party, The Association of MILF Lovers Society welcome party. What else is new, let's see went out and bought the new Outkast CD yesterday, all i can say is that Big Boi and Andre 3000 sure set the bar high. I currently have "Mighty-O" bumping on the iPod right now on repeat.

In other news i was able to score two tickets to The Killers concert in October for me and my fellow Killers afficionado Ms. Kristin "K-Swerve" Kinnaird. It should be a blast, as of this morning pre-sale tickets were still available, so go get

Speaking of The Killers, My Space holds these series of random un-announced free concerts all the time and yesterday The Killers themselves hosted one in their hometown of Las Vegas, I'm digging the poster from this concert.

That's it for now, i'm sure i will be seeing some of you this weekend for what will go down as one of the greatest parties Fort Collins has ever witnessed..I will have the camera ready folks..

Peace Up-A-Town Down.