Monday, July 10, 2006

When You Were Young

Big news of the day, the first single off the new Killers album was leaked today for all to enjoy. Although it is only a 40 second snippet, i have a feeling this song will be a hit, it is not your familiar Killers sound we all came to love on Hot Fuss. The song is called "When You Were Young," and can be heard Here

Can we climb this mountain?
I don't know
Higher now than ever before
I know we can make it
If we take it slow
Let's take it easy
Easy now, watch it go!

We're burning down the highway skyline
On the back of a hurricane
That started turning

When you were young
When you were young

The rest of the tracks confirmed are as follows:
'Why Do I Keep Counting?'
'When You Were Young'
'Uncle Johnny Took Cocaine'-(This one sounds like it should be a good one)
'Sam's Town'
'Read My Mind'

I also have this little thing on this site called "Site Meter" that keeps track of everybody that visits my site( i even know who uses a Mac) and it seems like there is somebody in Memphis, Tennessee, who likes to check out my site rather frequently...Who are you? I also know you Denver peeps who check my stuff i should be cautious as to what i post....After all i would hate to step on somebody's toes and let "the truth" come forth...(again). Let's just say that some people out there have known about my...i'm sorry i will change that to "our" behavior the last couple months and have been cool and not mentioned anything to anybody...i commend you on that. But what does that really matter now...Hold on Jerry Springer is on the other line.

Congratulations to Italy for winning this years World Cup, I guess the United States Soccer team can say "hey we tied the team that won the World Cup".

Anyways big BBQ this coming Saturday at my new place....all are welcome to join us for a night of eating, drinking, groping, petting, and in my case drunk dialing. We will have pony rides, clowns, a trampoline, maybe some amphetamines, and a FIFA 2006 Playstation Tournament...

As you all know i am a huge Radiohead fact they are my favorite tomorrow Mr. Thom Yorke will release The Eraser his solo project, the album has been leaked online for awhile now and got 4 stars in the new Rolling Stone Magazine, which i agree with.

And yes my musical guilty pleasures have surfaced once again(no it's not Kelly Clarkson again) but rather Dashboard Confessional's new single Dont Wait...I have found myself driving to work every morning singing out loud the opening chorus everyday for the last two weeks...What can i's a catchy tune.



ultra8201 said...

Did you see on Site-Meter that you have a fan, he is a little japanese man operating the furthest corners of your mind, and he's pissed. I'm just saying....

Anonymous said...

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