Wednesday, July 26, 2006

He Doesn't Look A Bit Like Jesus

Here is the official tracklisting for Sam's Town
1. Sam's Town
2. Enterlude
3. When You Were Young
4. Bling (Confessions of a King)
5. For Reasons Unknown
6. Read My Mind
7. Uncle Jonny
8. Bones
9. My List
10. The River Is Wild
11. Why Do I Keep Counting
12. Exitlude

Album is set to drop October 3.

Be sure to check out this site of what has to be one of the funniest movies to soon hit theaters.BeerFest.

In other news, i want to thank everybody who made this past Sunday one to remember, as we all partook in a day of fun in the sun at WaterWorld. Thanks goes out to Rob, The Zvoneks, Jessie, Carly, Sarah and Kristin. It definetly is one of the best Waterparks i have been to. We are planning another WaterWorld trip here in a couple weeks as well as a Rockies game, so stay tuned for details.

Oh yeah Lance Bass of NSYNC is

I also will be going to fabolous Las Vegas this Sunday for a week, expect a lot of naughtiness as well as updates and pics from Sin City. Hopefully i hit it big and come back a mega-millionaire, if that happens don't expect for this cowboy to stay in town. I will leave on the first plane to Reykjavik, Iceland, have you seen the women

Until then Peace Up A-Town Down.

Your Boy,